Photos of the farm, the Omtadaborg

To this day there is a farm on ’t Zandt in the province of Groningen, The Netherlands, on which our family name is based: the Omtadaborg (or Omtadaheerd) located at the Omtadaweg 8. There is still a moat around the farm. The current front house dates from 1867 and was probably built on the foundations of the medieval castle, the Omptedaborg.The Omtadaborg is one of the few remaining head-neck-trunk farms in the province of Groningen (fig. 1 to 4, photos 1920-1940, fig. 5 and 6, recent photos of the Omtadaborg).

1. The Omtadaborg with the residential house renovated in neoclassical style by Luilf Willems in 1867 (’t Zandt 1889-1989, pg. 206)

2. De Omtadaborg, house and garden around 1920 (Bulthuis)

3. De Omtadaborg in the thirties

4. De Omtadaborg (backside) around 1935







5 and 6 Recent photos of the Omtadaborg

Omta en Ompteda