Omta Pedigree Complete

The previous Editor of the website, Wiert Omta, who sadly passed away on August 28, 2021, put the complete family tree of the Omtas as a Pdf on the internet.

The  late Wiert Omta with his wife Sanne

You can download this Pdf to your computer.

Omta-Stamboom-Compleet-2020-12-29-1 (1)

You will see that the family tree is illegibly small and is upright instead of horizontal. You need to do the following to make the family tree readable. Open the file in Acrobat Reader. Go to ‘View’, open ‘Rotate view’ and choose ‘Contraclockwise’, the family tree is horizontal. Then go to ‘View’, open ‘Zoom’ and choose ‘Zoom to’. You will come to a new window ‘Magnification’. Scroll all the way down in the ‘Fit with’ box, from 3200%onwards the family tree is readable. To find a specific person, go to ‘Edit’. With ‘Find’ you can then find the person (or people) you are looking for.

If you are interested in a specific part(s) of the family tree, you can use ‘Print screen’ (Alt PrtScr) to save the now visible part(s) of the family tree in your computer.


Omta en Ompteda