Norma Field-Omta 1995, The history of the Omta Family

Especially Derk Arends eldest grandson, Derk Alderts Omta and his wife Grietje Willems van der Ploeg will have offspring that emigrate to the US. Derk Alderts. They got eight children, the third one, Tun (Teunis, Tuinis) Omta (1861-1940) and his wife Rijma (Reina) Jans Veldman, emigrated in 1889 to Gallatin County, Manhattan, Montana in the US ‘because he had enough of toiling on the small farm in Godlinze’. They were sponsored by Jacob Kimm and Willemina Omta (1866-1951), a niece of Tun, who previously emigrated to Gallatin County.

Granddaughter Norma Field-Omta (1932-2018) uses reports from immediate family members to describe Tun end Reina’s emigration to the US and what happened to their children and grandchildren. Her report on her family’s emigration to the US also contains information about the history of her Omta-ancestors in the Netherlands which she received from Willem Dirk Omta (1937-2019). I can send a copy of her different reports, you can reach me on

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