Arend Willems (1717-1779) and Willem Garms (+/- 1670-?), father and grandfather of Derk Arends, ancestor of all Omtas

In 1717 Arend(t) Willems (1717-1779) was born in Uithuizermeeden. He was the 10th of a total of 11 children of Willem Garms (Garments), farmer in Oudeschip born in Spijk about 1670, and his second wife Auke Tjasses (1677-?). In 1690 he first married Martjen Cornelis and in 1695 he married (probably as a widower) Auke Tjasses. In the archive of Andreas Spanheim, Steward of the Province of Groningen, Willem Garms is mentioned in 1701 as meier (tenant) of 30 grazen (about 35 acres) of land that was confiscated by the Province of Groningen after the 80-years war from the monastery Oosterwierum (Heveskes) near Delfzijl, closed in 1586. Arend Willems is an important man as a charter of 1750 shows. He is betrothed to Geertje(n) Arend(t)s (1727-1781) on the 19th of  November 1751 in Thesinge. She is a daughter of Arent Dercks and Welmoet Jacobs. The couple had six children, four sons and two daughters: Willem Arends (1752-1811), Welmtje Arends (1754-1814), Arent Arends (1756-1823), Tjasse Arends (1759-1825), Auke Arends (1762-?) and finally Derk Arends (1767) –1844), the ancestor of all Omtas.

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